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Thank you for taking time to visit Walt Baker Photography on Fine Art America. Take your time and stay for a while. I hope I have some photos here that you enjoy. You'll see that most of what I enjoy shooting is outdoor, or landscape photography. While I don't call myself a professional photographer, I have been at it since my high school and college days. Since I remember the hours in the darkroom I guess that means I've been at this a while. Today's photography amazes me. Technology has really made it possible for everyone to get involved.
I imagine I'm a lot like many photo enthusiasts you might find on the web these days. Most of us have real jobs that keep us going while we look for opportunities to do what we love best; taking cool pictures of the places, people and things that catch our eye along the way. I hope one day soon I can enjoy it full time. If that day ever comes, I hope I'm able to make the most of it. If it doesn't, I hope it remains as fun and rewarding as it is today.
Well, since you're here, let me tell you a couple of things about myself. I was born in Baltimore, MD and was raised in a small bayside town called Mayo, just south of Annapolis in Anne Arundel County, MD. It didn't take me too long to figure out how lucky I was to live in such a lovely place. Mayo, if you're looking on a map, is one of several peninsulas along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. No matter where you go in any direction, you are never far from the water, and all of the great things that come with it. For me, it seemed like the perfect blend of history, nature and small town charm rolled into one.
Today, I live in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, one of the "boroughs" of Charleston. Charleston, SC needs very little introduction. It is quite simply one of the most charming and beautiful places you will ever visit. In many ways, I feel as though I've come home to a very familiar place. Charleston's harbor and waterways, combined with her history and natural beauty are reminiscent of my life in Annapolis. As an avid photo enthusiast, I am truly doing all I can to soak up the beauty while capturing some great images. I hope you find that my photos capture a portion of that for you. You'll also find that my work is not limited to the Carolinas. Any chance I get to travel to a new place, I hope to bring home some favorite images. Thanks for visiting Walt Baker Photography! I hope you like this page and please come back again!


Zakim Traffic by Walt Baker


Pastry Shop by Walt Baker


Classic Lines by Walt Baker


Highland Light by Walt Baker


Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge by Walt Baker


Sunrise on Hyannis Harbor by Walt Baker


Old Style Boston by Walt Baker


One if by Land by Walt Baker


Springtime in Boston by Walt Baker


Boston Lights by Walt Baker


Run Aground by Walt Baker


Reflecting on Boston by Walt Baker


Nauset Light by Walt Baker


Working Boats of Hyannis by Walt Baker


Hyannis Harbor Light by Walt Baker


Jenna Lee by Walt Baker


Artist Shacks of Hyannis by Walt Baker


Chatham Light by Walt Baker


Mighty Redwood by Walt Baker


Cape Bianco Lighthouse by Walt Baker


Coquille River Light by Walt Baker


Tall Timber by Walt Baker


Pelican Bay Lighthouse by Walt Baker


Sunrise on Brookings by Walt Baker


The Beach at Brookings by Walt Baker


Finding Car 54 by Walt Baker


Currin Covered Bridge by Walt Baker


Covered Bridges of Oregon by Walt Baker


Yesteryear by Walt Baker


Shimanek Bridge by Walt Baker


Portland in the Fall by Walt Baker


Biding my Time by Walt Baker


A Scene From the Beach by Walt Baker


Morning Comes by Walt Baker


Morning Among the Chess Pieces by Walt Baker


Sunset on Bandon by Walt Baker


Heceta Head Light by Walt Baker


Colorful Tide Pools by Walt Baker


Warm Reflections by Walt Baker


Oregon Dusk by Walt Baker


Morning Reflection by Walt Baker


Sunrise in Astoria by Walt Baker


Central Oregon Coast by Walt Baker


Fishing Town by Walt Baker


Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay by Walt Baker


Yaquina Bay Bridge by Walt Baker


Sunrise on Ecola State Park by Walt Baker


Ecola State Park by Walt Baker